About Us


Life is all about celebration and spending good time with your friends, relatives and well wishers. When you are planning for a grand marriage function, birthday party or any other function, the first thing that you want to ensure is that they all assemble in a comfortable place where they can enjoy with their respective families. When the hall that you book for your functions is not comfortable, they will be put to great hardship making them remain inattentive to the proceedings of the function. Ramjan Mahal is constructed to give maximum comfort at every touch point for all your invitees and to you. Be it kitchen, dining, function hall, parking space, etc., you get only the best.

Ramjan Mahal is sure to capture your fancy the moment you pay a visit. The Mahal is constructed with all facilities and modern amenities needed to conduct your function in a grand manner. The Mahal has fully air conditioned hall to conduct your function in the best of comforts, no sweat and no irritation. Everybody will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and enjoy every moment of the function.


Fully Airconditioned Hall

The Mahal comes with fully air conditioned hall to ensure you enjoy the function in the cool comforts without any sweat.

Accommodate Upto 2500 Members

Ramjan Mahal has the ideal space to accommodate as much as 2500 guests. Not many mahals in Chennai can boast of such a huge capacity.

Separate Floor For Ladies with Dining Hall (200 member)

Ramjan Mahal has an exclusive floor for ladies with dining hall to allow them to enjoy their privacy and comfort of being with women relatives

Common Dining Hall (500 Members)

The Mahal has an expansive dining hall with a capacity to accommodate 500 members at a time so that all your relatives can enjoy the feast together

Car Parking Facility

To facilitate all your distinguished guests to attend the function with their families comfortably, Ramjan Mahal has spacious car parking facility.

Fire Security

Ramjan Mahal is fully covered with fire extinguisher that comply with the most stringent safety standards.

Two Lifts For Public & a Service Lift

Ramjan Mahal has two exclusive lifts each for public movement and service to ensure your guests move up and down the floors comfortably.

V.I.P Dining Hall

Ramjan Mahal has an exclusive V.I.P dining hall to allow them to enjoy their privacy and comfort

Power GenSet

The Mahal comes with a full power backup facility to ensure the euphoria of the function is not lost due to power failure.

Live TV Displays & Sound Service

The Mahal has live TV display units with sound service at vantage points so that you don’t miss the important occasions irrespective of your position in the Mahal.

Hall Secured Under CCTV

The Mahal has CCTV cameras fixed at vantage points to ensure you conduct the function in absolute safety and peace of mind

Prayer Hall

We understand that sincere prayers bring all good things in Life. We also know that you would want to pray before the function and that is Ramjan Mahal has exclusive prayer hall.

4000sq.ft Of Kitchen Space

Ramjan Mahal has spacious 4000 sq. ft kitchen space with all necessary equipments to ensure your cooks can prepare food for all your guests without any space constraint.